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We’re delivering the future of the datacenter.

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Who We Are:

Datacenter Corner offers full-service rack integration services for building out the data center infrastructure your business depends on. Whether using traditional servers or next generation data center technology such as Open Compute (OCP), Datacenter Corner has the experience and commitment to quality to deliver fully integrated rack level solutions that are meticulously cabled and labeled, and tested at the component, server and rack level to ensure industry leading field reliability right out of the crate.

Datacenter Corner utilizes a comprehensive set of processes to deliver a smooth flowing pipeline of inventory to the production flow of end customers, anywhere in the world. We also provides convenient tools and a user-friendly web-portal that allows customers to track and view their orders.

Datacenter Corner integrated racks can come with a proprietary Rack Configuration Document (RCD) that contains pertinent details of the rack including rack and network topology, source-to-destination cabling, cable lengths and types, and much more.

To ensure quality and consistency, Datacenter Corrner systems are manufactured for the highest manufacturing standards. All Datacenter Corner solutions are tested at the component, system and rack level using DCTS robust, proprietary test suite for the highest field reliability.

Our customers

That was a great cooperation. All the servers has been delivered in time.

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You are awesome. The cabling looks like an art.

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That was great job. We don’t need to tell more.

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Our Partners

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